Muru Pacha was born from a consistent pattern we noticed in our trip planning: endless internet searches scouring the web for memorable experiences, and a need to organize our finds into carefully thought out, day-by-day itineraries (Marcela is a type-A traveler). The result of our trips would always be the same: innumerable memories just waiting to be shared – particularly in the form of beautiful photographs (Carlos is a photography enthusiast).

After building a solid library of itineraries and an enormous collection of images, we decided we wanted to share our work with other wanderlusters in the hope that we could inspire their travels and, perhaps, make it easier for their next trip to come together. That’s why we created Muru Pacha.

Here, you will NOT find a laundry list of places and things to do and see. Instead, you will find curated travel itineraries that, while they may not capture every must-see location, are representative of OUR unique trip experiences – a blend of expected and unexpected ideas that range from adventure, culture, food & drink, leisure and nightlife.

We realize the beauty of travel is that there is no one way to do it. There are those who plan every stop (like us!), who do it on a whim, or those who are simply somewhere in between. Regardless of where you land on that traveler spectrum, we aspire to be a resource you can rely on and trust, whether you are looking for a fool-proof itinerary you can follow without question or are simply searching for ideas to enhance your travel experience.

We hope Muru Pacha can help you enjoy this colorful world to the fullest.

Our Mission

As we seek to enjoy our Muru Pacha (“Colorful World” in Quechua) to the fullest, our mission is to facilitate and enhance the trip experience of travel enthusiasts by providing curated travel itineraries that have been tested and approved by the Muru Pacha team.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a trusted destination that travelers seek out to plan a trip that is tailored to their tastes, passions, resources and time.

The Team

Muru Pacha is a husband-wife duo that loves to  travel (together and separately!). The husband is a Peruvian visual designer with a knack for taking breath-taking photos of our destinations. The wife is a Colombian-American brand marketer with a passion for storytelling and writing.



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